This Ski Resort Town Was Just Named the Most Expensive Vacation Destination in the U.S.

This Ski Resort Town Was Just Named the Most Expensive Vacation Destination in the U.S.

The average cost of a one-week vacation in the U.S. for just one person hit nearly $2,000 in 2023, up by more than $400 over the previous year, according to a study by Bankrate. And this is just for a basic trip. But if you're hoping to go to places like New York City, you're going to spend a pretty penny, as it was just named the eighth most expensive destination in America. 

The travel experts at OptimosTravel recently analyzed more than 100 vacation spots in the United States, assessing each on the price of a daily meal, public transit, accommodation rates, and attraction fees, all in an effort to uncover the 10 most expensive vacation destinations in the nation. After crunching the numbers, it found that Aspen, Colorado, is the most expensive of all. 

"Aspen, Colorado, tops the list as the most expensive vacation spot, with a total daily cost of $761.39 per person, leading to a whopping $5,329.72 for a 7-day trip per person," the team noted in its findings, which it shared with Travel + Leisure.

The research crew noted that gourmet meals can cost upward of $100.5 per day, while "opulent accommodations" cost $494.56 per night. "Aspen's breathtaking scenery comes with a premium price tag," it added, "and for a family of four, the skies are the limit at $13,691. Even with modest transportation costs at $7, the city's unmatched offerings ensure its status as the epitome of luxury travel." 

Joining Aspen at the top of the most expensive list is Park City, Utah, in second, where travelers can expect to pay $93.75 for daily meals and $471 per night for lodging. "A week's stay costs $4,971 for one and $12,632 for a family of four," the team shared.

Maui, Hawaii, wasn't far behind in third, with a daily cost of $682. "It boasts the highest meals ($112.50) and lodging ($534.11) among top destinations, but affordable attractions ($26.63) balance the cost. A week costs $4,762 solo or $10,782 for families." 

These spots were followed by Montauk, New York, in fourth, with a daily cost of $613.77; Santa Monica, California, in fifth with a daily cost of $592.05; Key West, Florida in sixth, with a daily cost of $537; Charleston in seventh with a daily cost of $535.68; and New York City in eighth with a daily cost of $511.34.

Rounding out the top 10 is Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts in ninth with a daily cost of $496.65, and one more ski town, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in 10th, with a daily cost of $490 per day. And while, yes, this all sounds expensive, you can't really put a price tag on making new memories. Right?


By: Stacey Leasca I Travel + Leisure  I April 23, 2024

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