The Hub Of Aspen Cycling Shop Is Moving Next To Clark’s Market

The Hub Of Aspen Cycling Shop Is Moving Next To Clark’s Market

The spokes are in motion. One of the longest-operating bicycle sales and repair shops in the city, The Hub of Aspen, will be moving locations this month.

Tim Emling purchased the business from Charlie Tarver in 2017 in hopes of keeping it a community-based business with services for tourists and the core resources needed for locals.

Throughout The Hub’s lifetime, the business has spun about town. But when Emling moved the operation from its other location above Eric’s Bar to 616 E Hyman Ave., he hadn’t projected another move.

But now it’s time for another spin through town. This time it’s in the same development as Clark’s Market, to the old Verizon space, an opportunity Emling said he couldn’t pass up.

“We are very disappointed that we are making this move during one of our busiest times of the year,” he said. 

Snowbirds are returning to the valley, and bicycles are being pulled out of storage throughout town. Furthermore, biking season is at full cycle in Moab, a popular destination for Aspen’s bike-loving adrenaline-junky aficionados, and those bicycles needing tuning. 

“It’s just frustrating that during a time when the community needs us most, we can’t provide the full-service operations that our customers are accustomed to. Right now, we are having to turn people away for service with the impending move,” Emling said.

However, he said he knows this next journey is going to be a winner and worth hassles he hadn’t predicted in his current location.

“A new spot opened in town giving us a better opportunity. We secured a 10-year lease at the former Verizon store,” said Emling.

The Hub of Aspen’s new headquarters offers more for Emling’s customers.

“Now, we have free parking which is always a premium in Aspen. And we are right off the Rio Grande Trail, such an ideal spot and next to a bicycle rental shop, Aspen Velo, of whom we have always enjoyed a great working relationship,” he said.

He said he also is excited about applying for a tavern license to host après bike events onsite.

Folsom skis will continue to operate from Emling’s new space, a long-running partnership that has benefited both businesses. 

“I’m enthusiastic about working with Tony Mazza of M & W properties. I just feel like he really wanted us there. He wanted to work with us to arrive at the best possible situation for our business. I am humbled by their welcoming of our venture. It’s a change, and a very good way to do operations,” said Emling. “We’re lucky things really fell into place in such a timely manner.”

Before The Hub of Aspen can relocate to new digs, there are a lot of moving parts, and bicycles. Emling will be posting to their Instragram account (@hubofaspen) within the next couple of weeks about a community-wide moving event in which loyal customers, friends and family can assist in the mass transition.

And there’s a sale involved. All in stock bicycles and accessories will be on sale from now until the move date at the current location.

“We must be out by May 31 and already have the keys to our new location. We are currently in the middle of a build-out to better accommodate the business,” said Emling.

He and his wife, Greta, are excited to continue to serve the community as a family-run business, he said. He can be reached at [email protected]

By: Julie Bielenberg | The Aspen Times \ May 2, 2023

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