Peek Inside Chicago Jewelry Designer Jane Berg's Elegant Aspen Abode

Peek Inside Chicago Jewelry Designer Jane Berg's Elegant Aspen Abode


The idyllic mountains of Aspen are as alluring to Chicago-based jewelry designer Jane Berg as the glittering jewels she works with. When she and her husband decided it was time for a new second abode, they tapped Colorado firm CCY Architects to create a space worthy of its picturesque surroundings.

“This house was conceived as a simple, low-lying form that opens toward the primary view of majestic mountains in the distance,” says CCY associate Simon Elliot. “Situated at the base of a Colorado ski area, this ski-in, ski-out home is informed by the immediate and surrounding landscape the clients so passionately appreciate.”

“We designed the home with legacy in mind, considering what the owners needed in a home as they aged and how future generations could enjoy the property,” says CCY’s Evan Barrett.

The neighborhood is characterized by a mix of architectural styles and scales, so CCY wanted to create a formal clarity to provide a sense of order and open up tremendous views toward the ski runs and the mountain landscape. The client envisioned an aesthetic based upon clean lines, modern shapes and natural materials, and CCY knew just how to make that vision come to fruition.


CCY Architects’ process began with a thorough, multiday design session with the client called a charrette, a French word that refers to an intense period of planning and designing. “[The process] leads to trust and excitement in all aspects of the project at a crucial, early moment,” says Barrett.

It was during this process when Berg, who was intimately involved in the entire project, realized this may be more than just a vacation home. As the project began to evolve, so did Berg’s desire to reside there full time.


“Jane’s profession was integral to the detailing process,” notes Barrett. “As a jewelry designer, her attention to the fine detail was injected into the details of the home.” Outside, natural wood is complemented by sculpted leaving steel and glass surfaces that elevate its distinction and synchronicity within the natural landscape.

Inside, custom pieces such as headboards, vanities, millwork, wall treatments and skylights give the space a personal touch fit for the discerning client. “Decorative metals, reclaimed woods and soft fabrics create tension between the quiet exterior and bold interior spaces,” Elliot adds. “Each room has its own personality, and yet all the spaces are unified by consistent textural and material selections.”


A modern, artful space, the Aspen abode reflects the design-forward aesthetic Berg and her husband envisioned. “While many projects can run into unforeseen challenges and complications, the project went very smoothly, which is a testament to the relationship and involvement of the clients, architects and contractor,” Barrett concludes. “We are incredibly grateful for the team assembled and the creativity shared among us all.”


By: Matthew Fiorentino | Modern Luxury \ March 29, 2023

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