From Mushroom Motifs to ‘Hipstoric’ Homes: These Decor Trends Are Hotter Than Ever

From Mushroom Motifs to ‘Hipstoric’ Homes: These Decor Trends Are Hotter Than Ever

Want to give your home an interior design refresh but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there before.

Some homeowners are comfortable opting for classics like Shaker cabinetry, clean white wall paint, and marble (or marble-lookalike) countertops. But what about those of us who live for thinking outside the box? A great way to take a creative risk with your home decor is to look at trending aesthetics, materials, and products.

We’ve seen trends such as curved furniture, the “Japandi” aesthetic, and biophilic design dominate in the past—and some of those looks are still going strong. But which decor trends are more in demand than ever? From mushroom motifs to “hipstoric” homes, here are a handful of interior design trends that experts agree are everywhere right now.

1. Raw finishes

Are your main living rooms looking a little flat? Add visual interest and depth by applying texture in a raw finish to your walls, fireplace, or floors.

Jesus Emmanuel Nieves, an interior designer and project manager at Freemodel, explains that raw finishes include limewash techniques, unfinished plaster looks, and decor or furniture that features chunks of stone.

In fact, the plaster look is hotter than ever, says Alyce Lopez, interior design ambassador at Polywood and owner of The True House design firm.

“We’ve all seen a huge trend in plaster fireplaces,” Lopez says. “We’ve even used drywall over a range hood to give the impression of a custom plaster range hood.”

Although these materials are trending, she points out, you must talk to your local contractor to ensure they’re all fire-rated.

2. A statement ceiling

When it comes to interior design, the floors, walls, and lighting typically get all the love—with the ceiling being mostly an afterthought. But this is changing.

“This season, designers are embracing the ceiling as a statement piece,” says Michael Bashari, general manager of Purely Paint.

They’re increasingly making ceilings a focal point by adding colors, patterns, and textures.

“Whether it’s a wallpapered ceiling or a painted mural, a statement ceiling can add a touch of whimsy and drama to any room,” Bashari adds.

3. ‘Hipstoric’ homes

Combining traditional and modern design elements to create a “hipstoric” home is huge right now.

Pinterest searches for “mixing modern and antique furniture” are up 530%. Meanwhile, the #VintageHomeDecor hashtag on TikTok currently has 11 million-plus views.

To incorporate this trend into your space, it’s vital to honor the home’s architecture first and “start with the bones,” says Lauren Robbins of Lauren Robbins Interiors.

“Preserving the existing architecture sets a base for you to play with contrast in the space,” Robbins says. “Instead of stripping flourishes or architectural details, consider how to incorporate them in a new way.”

Some examples include painting walls and trim the same matte color or installing a sleek, modern light fixture in a room with traditional molding.

4. Green, green, and more green

If you can’t decide on a color palette for your home’s interior, you might want to consider the hottest hue of the year: green.

“Green is all over nature, and it goes with everything, which makes it neutral,” says Nieves.

You can easily incorporate green hues into your home by adding rugs, pillows, or window treatments. Not only are these shades popular right now, but they also can make rooms feel calmer and more put-together.

“Green really helps add a state of balance to your space,” Nieves says.

5. Mushroom trend

The mushroom motif is the interior design trend we didn’t know we needed.

What started as a motif design years ago has become a “full-blown theme,” explains Giovanni Scippo, director at 3DLines.

Although popular, this decor trend is not for everybody and errs on the weirder side of interior design, adds Scippo.

“To incorporate it into your interior, you can start with a subtle mushroom design in your fabrics, such as cushions,” Scippo says. “If you’re feeling adventurous, you can go all out with pieces of furniture.”

If you’d rather not take the theme literally, you can follow a mushroom-toned color palette for paint, furniture, or accessories instead.

6. Irregular rugs

Irregular rugs come in geometric or curvy shapes and can feature abstract or floral patterns.

“This trend shows that people want to make their homes look more authentic and artistic,” says Mariya Snisar, head of interior design at Renowell.

Although eye-catching, this trend is not for the faint of heart.

“However, if you are bold enough to use an irregular rug, you can transform your interior with just this one detail,” Snisar notes.

7. Colored concrete

If you’re interested in trying out this trend but don’t want to do a total overhaul all at once, start small with a painted concrete sink or tub.

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