Former Pro Hockey Player Sells Aspen Home for $55M

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Former Pro Hockey Player Sells Aspen Home for $55M

Talk about the magic touch.

Just one year after he bought the property, entrepreneur Patrick Dovigi has sold an Aspen, Colorado, home for $55 million, $10.5 million more than he bought it, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Dexter Rutecki Properties was the buyer.

Dovigi, a retired Canadian professional hockey player who founded Green For Life Environmental, bought the six-bedroom home with a pool and spa and views of the slopes for $44.5 million in December 2021.

Dovigi, a former goalie who played minor league hockey in Canada before being taken by the Edmonton Oilers in the second round of the 1997 NHL draft, has been active in the Aspen luxury residential market. In June 2021, he bought another home for $72.5 million.

Green For Life, which Dovigi founded in 2007, is a Canada-based waste management company.

While there has been an overall downturn in residential markets, Colorado’s market hasn’t been impacted as significantly.

S. Robert Levine, the eccentric founder of New Hampshire-based Cabletron Systems, a 1980s and 1990s computer networking company, recently sold for $40 million a massive Colorado estate with its own ice cream parlor, two shooting ranges and cowboy saloon.

In November, two Aspen mansions sold in off-market deals for $45 million and $48 million.

Also, the Silver Lining Ranch in Aspen was recently sold for $69 million, with the buyers intending to use it as a rental.

By: Ted Danzler I The Real Deal I December 2022

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